Which Platform has The Best Custom Branding App Solution for Online Coaches & Personal Trainers?

Which Platform has The Best Custom Branding App Solution for Online Coaches & Personal Trainers?

Which Platform has The Best Custom Branding App Solution for Online Coaches & Personal Trainers?

Dec 31, 2023

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If you are an online fitness coach or personal trainer, having a personalized presence in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store will help with your brand. But in the crowded marketplace of custom app solutions, finding the right platform that caters to both iOS and Android users can be challenging. This analysis delves into various options, guiding you towards the best platform for your unique branding needs in the digital app stores.


Trainerize offers a custom branded app, but at a steep price of $250 per month. This high cost is partially because Trainerize is tailored more for gyms than individual online coaches and personal trainers. A significant drawback is the lack of essential features, such as a check-in system, which is vital for personal trainers.



TrueCoach allows for some level of customization, like adding your logo to the website and emails. However, it falls short in providing a fully branded app experience. The app remains under the TrueCoach name, without the option for having your own branded in the app store.



MyPTHub offers a somewhat customized branding experience. You can choose your colors and logo, but the app doesn’t appear under your brand in the App Store. Clients have to download 'MyPtHub' and only after logging in do they see your branding elements. This approach doesn’t fully embrace the concept of a personalized app since they have to search 'MyPtHub' in the App Store.



EverFit provides a solid custom branding option. The catch? A hefty price tag of $500. Similar to Trainerize, EverFit is primarily designed for studios and gyms, and their pricing doesn't cater to the unique needs of online coaches and personal trainers.



HubFit stands out with its custom branding solution. For just $59 a month, you get your own app in the App Store, and setup can be completed in just 14 days. HubFit’s user-friendly interface allows you to easily select your brand colors and logo, ensuring a seamless update across all platforms (emails, app, and more). Designed specifically for online coaches and personal trainers, HubFit hits the sweet spot in pricing and features, including client management tools like check-ins, nutrition, and a workout builder.



While Trainerize and EverFit offer custom branding options, their high costs and lengthy setup times are significant drawbacks. HubFit, on the other hand, provides an affordable, efficient, and feature-rich solution tailored for online coaches and personal trainers. If you're seeking a custom branded app, HubFit is your go-to platform.

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