What Personal Training Platform has the Best Check-In System?

What Personal Training Platform has the Best Check-In System?

What Personal Training Platform has the Best Check-In System?

Dec 5, 2023

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In the world of personal training and online coaching, staying connected with clients is paramount. A robust check-in system can make or break a trainer's effectiveness. This blog evaluates top platforms' check-in features, providing an unbiased view to help you make an informed decision.


MyPTHub may disappoint personal trainers looking for a dedicated check-in system. Their approach involves a generic form feature, which can only be filled in once. This limitation necessitates creating new check-in forms each week, a cumbersome process for both trainers and clients. Additionally there's no way to effictively compare check-ins.


TrueCoach doesn't offer a proper check-in system. Their workaround involves embedding questions in workout plans, lacking options for reusable templates or a central area for responses. This can lead to disorganized and inefficient client tracking. It would be near impossible to compare old check-ins since side-by-side is not an option making it a much more combersome process for online coaches.


Despite its popularity, Trainerize has overlooked the importance of a check-in feature. A feature request made five years ago [link] on their website remains unaddressed, indicating a significant gap in their system for maintaining client accountability.


HubFit shines as the most advanced platform for client check-ins. Unlike its competitors, HubFit offers a suite of features that streamline the check-in process:

  • Reusable Forms: Create check-in forms once and reuse them with ease, saving valuable time for both trainers and clients.

  • Comprehensive Dashboard: View an overview of all client check-ins in one convenient dashboard, allowing for quick assessments and comparisons of client progress.

  • Mark Check-ins as Reviewed: Keep track of which check-ins have been reviewed and which ones need attention, ensuring no client is overlooked.

  • In-Depth Comparisons: Effortlessly compare check-ins over time, providing trainers with valuable insights into their clients' progress and adherence to their training programs.

These robust features make HubFit an unparalleled choice for personal trainers who prioritize efficiency, accountability, and client engagement in their coaching.

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In our comparison, HubFit clearly leads the pack with its comprehensive, user-friendly check-in system. From its easy-to-use reusable forms to its detailed dashboard for tracking client progress, HubFit is tailored to enhance the trainer-client relationship. Start with HubFit today for free and transform the way you manage client check-ins.

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