The Most Powerful Automation Tools for Coaches and Personal Trainers

The Most Powerful Automation Tools for Coaches and Personal Trainers

The Most Powerful Automation Tools for Coaches and Personal Trainers

Apr 14, 2024

hubfit calendar automation


As an online coach or personal trainer, automation is your secret weapon. It enables you to scale your business and minimize time-consuming, repetitive administrative tasks. Choosing a platform with robust automation capabilities is crucial for your success. In this post, we'll explore how HubFit’s calendar automation can transform your coaching business by allowing you to design and schedule programs, communications, and much more—all in advance.

Overview of HubFit's Calendar Automation

HubFit’s is a comprehensive tool that helps you automate various aspects of your client management. From scheduling workout phases to automated communications, the calendar is designed to streamline your operations, letting you focus more on coaching and less on admin work.

hubfit calendar automation

Work Phases

Imagine setting up a 3-month program with different training phases automatically transitioning every month—HubFit makes this possible. By importing workout phases into your client's profile on a scheduled basis, you ensure they receive a tailored, progressive training program without manual intervention every step of the way.

hubfit calendar automation - programs

Drip Feed Resources

Retention is key in personal training, and providing continual value is essential. With HubFit’s automation, you can schedule the delivery of exclusive resources from your content vault at predetermined intervals. Whether it's weekly tips, dietary guidance, or motivational content, your clients will receive a steady stream of valuable information. You can also attach multiple resources in on calendar automation event, making it really easy to import multiple resources.

hubfit calendar automation - resources

Send In-App Notifications

This feature is incredibly versatile; whether it’s daily hydration reminders, weekly motivational quotes, or alerts about newly added resources, automated in-app notifications keep your clients engaged and informed. It’s like having a personal assistant dedicated to client engagement.

hubfit calendar automation - notifications

Automated Messages

Personalized communication strengthens client relationships, enhancing retention and satisfaction. Schedule in-app messages to check in with your clients, celebrate milestones, or simply encourage them on their fitness journey. This level of personalization can make a huge difference in client commitment and program adherence.

hubfit calendar automation - messages

Automated Emails

For more formal or significant communications, such as payment reminders or program updates, automated emails are invaluable. Set these emails to send automatically according to your schedule to maintain professionalism and ensure no critical information is missed. The emails can be completely styled making it easier to customise it to look exactly how you want.

hubfit calendar automation - emails

Scheduled Client Notes

Another fantastic feature is the ability to add scheduled notes to a client’s dashboard. You might set a note for yourself to remind a client about the progress they’ve made, or to encourage them on a particularly challenging day. This foresight can enhance the personal touch that so many clients appreciate.

hubfit calendar automation - notes


Automation is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity for scaling your online coaching business effectively. HubFit excels in automation, especially for tasks scheduled months in advance, making it a top choice for coaches who value efficiency and client engagement. By leveraging the power of HubFit’s calendar automation, you can not only save time but also enhance the quality of your client interactions, leading to better outcomes and higher retention.

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