The Best Workout Builder System for Online Coaches & Personal Trainers

The Best Workout Builder System for Online Coaches & Personal Trainers

The Best Workout Builder System for Online Coaches & Personal Trainers

Dec 28, 2023

hubfit workout builder for online coahes and perosnal trainers

If you're an online coach or personal trainer searching for the ideal tool to assist in building and sharing workouts with clients, look no further than Hubfit. HubFit is a complete coaching platform to manage your client. In this blog, we will dive into what makes HubFit's workout builder the best option for you.

1. Exercise Library

Hubfit's exercise library is a game-changer. It comes preloaded with over 400 exercises, each accompanied by a video demonstration. But the real magic lies in its customizability. You can add your own exercises, making the library truly your own. This feature is especially beneficial when working as a team; any coach added to your team can access and utilize your curated library.

- Customization
: Add your own exercises and videos.
- Collaboration: Share your library with other coaches on your team.
- Search and filtering: Easily find and search through your exercise library.

HubFit's exercise library

2. Templates

Efficiency is key in online coaching. With Hubfit, create your workout templates once and reuse them effortlessly for different clients. Importing these templates into a client's profile creates a customizable copy, allowing for individual adjustments. This feature not only saves time but ensures consistency in your training programs.

- Efficiency
: Once a template is created, it can be easily modified and reused for different clients.
- Personalization: Each template can be customized for individual clients.

hubfit workout templates

3. Easy Build

Building workouts in Hubfit is incredibly intuitive. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, adding exercises from your library into a workout plan is just a click away. Re-arranging exercises, creating supersets, and editing details are all seamlessly integrated into the user experience.

- User-Friendly
: Simplifies the workout building process.
- Flexibility: Easily rearrange, edit, and create supersets.
- Time-Saving: allowing more time for focusing on your business.

Statistic: Users report a 40% reduction in time spent planning workouts using Hubfit's Easy Build feature.

hubfit workout builder

4. Workout AI

When it comes to AI, Hubfit is not left behind. Describe the workout, and the AI does the rest, generating a comprehensive routine in under 10 seconds. This feature is a game-changer for busy trainers looking to maximize their time.

- Speed
: Create workout plans in seconds, making you more productive.
- Innovation: Stay ahead by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

hubfit ai workout builder

5. Embedded Video

For clients, following a workout program has never been easier, thanks to embedded video demonstrations in the client app. This feature, enhances the client's workout experience and adherence.

- Clarity
: Videos provide clear instructions, reducing the likelihood of injuries and enhancing the effectiveness of workouts.
- Engagement: Visual aids increase client engagement and motivation, leading to better adherence to workout plans.

Statistic: Incorporating video demonstrations in workout plans increases client adherence by up to 50%.

hubfit embeded exercise video

6. Exercise Tracker

Beyond workout creation, Hubfit offers an exercise tracker. Clients can record their workouts, which you can easily access and review. This comprehensive exercise history aids in personalizing and optimizing future workout plans.

- Insightful Analytics: Make informed decisions about future workout adjustments.
- Progress Tracking: Monitor and celebrate client progress, enhancing motivation and client-coach relationships.

hubfit workout tracker


In summary, Hubfit isn't just another coaching platform; it's a comprehensive solution for online coaches and personal trainers seeking to elevate their service and client satisfaction. With it's simplicity and user-friendly design, Hubfit helps fitness professionals to achieve more with less, making you more efficient, effective, and engaging coaching experience.

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