The Best Team Management System for Online Coaches & Personal Trainers

The Best Team Management System for Online Coaches & Personal Trainers

The Best Team Management System for Online Coaches & Personal Trainers

Dec 30, 2023

hubfit tram management system


Are you an online fitness coach or personal trainer gearing up to expand your team? Managing a group of coaches can be a daunting task, but with the right tools, it's a breeze. That's where HubFit comes in, offering the best team features to streamline your operations. Let's dive into why HubFit stands out as the ultimate coaching platform, especially for team management.

Unlimited Coaches

One of the best thing about HubFit's team feature is its capacity to accommodate unlimited coaches. This means your business can grow without any restrictions on team size. Whether you're adding one coach or one hundred, HubFit handles it all. You can also assign different roles depending on access level required for a specfic coach..

β€œGreat things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

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Assign Clients

Assign clients to team members effortlessly. Coaches see only their assigned clients, unless they're admins. This targeted approach enhances focus and efficiency within your team. You can also assign more than one coach per client, so for example if you have a nutritionist and a fitness coach, they can both have access to the same client. Most platform don't allow for multiple coaches per client.

Detailed Activity History

One unique aspect of HubFit is its detailed activity history for each coach. This feature provides a comprehensive log of actions taken by each team member, from client management to template adjustments. This level of transparency and accountability is vital for maintaining a high standard of service. You can now stay on top of your team's actions with a complete, timestamped activity history for each coach, no other coaching platform has this feature.

HubFit team activity history

Integrated Task System

You can create tasks within HubFit and assign them to other coaches. HubFit's task management system ensures that all assignments and responsibilities are centralized within the platform. Coaches have access to their specific tasks, which improves organization and reduces the risk of important activities being overlooked.

Hubfit task system

Personalized Notifications

With individualized notification portals for each team member, HubFit ensures that coaches are only alerted about matters relevant to them. This tailored approach prevents information overload and keeps each team member focused on their specific responsibilities.

Hubfit notifications

Template Sharing

Coaches in your team will have access to your templates, ensuring that you are delivering a consistent experience for all clients. Team members can also modify and add to your templates, this allows you to delegate template related task. e.g building your exercise library or putting together your meal plans.


HubFit goes beyond being just a coaching platform; it's a comprehensive ecosystem for managing your fitness business. With its robust features tailored for team management, HubFit stands out as the best choice for online coaches and personal trainers aiming to grow and manage their teams effectively.

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