The Best Payments and Packages System for Online Coaches & Personal Trainers

The Best Payments and Packages System for Online Coaches & Personal Trainers

The Best Payments and Packages System for Online Coaches & Personal Trainers

Feb 5, 2024

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As an online coach or personal trainer, the seamless integration of payments and packages into your service offering is crucial for both your business's growth and the satisfaction of your clients. Finding the right tool to manage these aspects is important. Hubfit offers a comprehensive solution designed to streamline your payments and package management, ensuring you can focus more on delivering top-notch coaching and less on administrative hassles.

Customizable Packages

One size doesn't fit all, and Hubfit gets that. With the platform, you can craft packages that resonate with your unique coaching style and client needs, complete with multi-currency support for a global reach. Whether your clients prefer the commitment of a subscription or the flexibility of one-time purchases, Hubfit has got you covered.

  • Unlimited Packages: Tailor an infinite variety of plans to cater to diverse client goals.

  • Multiple Currencies: Go global without the hassle of currency conversion issues.

  • Stripe Integration: Enjoy secure, reliable, and hassle-free payment processing.

hubfit packages

Feature Control

Hubfit empowers you to customize the client experience down to the finest detail. High ticket or low ticket, each client gets what they need, nothing more, nothing less. This can be automated based on the purchased package.

  • Support high and low ticket clients

  • Automate as part of package

hubfit featuer control

Onboarding Automation

Onboarding flows enable a completely hands-off approach the moment a package is purchased. These flows automatically compile all the necessary resources, add the client to your system, and dispatch access details directly to them. This process is entirely automated, requiring no manual intervention from you. All that's needed on your part is to share the link to your pricing/packages page with your clients.

  • Automated Onboarding: Set the tone for a professional coaching relationship.

  • Easy Setup: Spend less time on admin and more on what you do best—coaching.

  • Complete Client Setup: Ensure your clients are ready to hit the ground running.

hubfit onboarding flow

Branded Pricing Page

Your pricing page is more than a list of numbers; it's a reflection of your brand and a critical touchpoint for potential clients. With Hubfit, you can design a pricing page that's not just informative but also an integral part of your brand identity. Hide specific packages for exclusive offers.

hubfit packages

Branded Package Page

In situations where you prefer not to share a general pricing page but instead focus on a particular offering, Hubfit accommodates by providing dedicated, shareable links for each package. This functionality goes beyond mere organization; it enables precise targeting and customization of your marketing strategies, ensuring you engage the most relevant audience effectively.

hubfit single package

Branded Access Email

Clients can receive immediate access information following their purchase if this feature is enabled for the selected package. Upon completing the transaction, clients are sent an access email containing all the essential login details, streamlining the setup process through automation and ensuring they're ready to begin without delay.

hubfit access email

Zapier Integration

Efficiency isn't just about saving time; it's about amplifying impact. With Hubfit's Zapier integration, your workflow isn't just automated; it's transformed. From payment to team assignment and welcome emails, let the system handle the routine so you can focus on the results.

  • Automate Workflows: Streamline operations with powerful triggers and actions.

  • Enhance Efficiency: Reduce manual tasks and focus on growing your business.

hubfit zapier integration


As an online coach & personal trainer having a robust, flexible, and user-friendly payment and package system is non-negotiable. Hubfit stands out as the premier choice for coaches committed to providing exceptional services while optimizing their business operations. With its feature control, automations, full branding and seamless integration options, Hubfit is one of the best solutions for packages and payments..

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