The Best Nutrition System for Online Coaches & Personal Trainers

The Best Nutrition System for Online Coaches & Personal Trainers

The Best Nutrition System for Online Coaches & Personal Trainers

Jan 5, 2024

 The Best Nutrition System for Online Coaches & Personal Trainers


If you're an online coach or a personal trainer, you understand the importance of providing your clients with effective and convenient nutrition plans. In this blog, we'll show you why HubFit's nutrition feature is the best option for you.

Meal Plan Templates

Creating personalized meal plans has never been easier. HubFit allows you to create and store meal plan templates in your own library. Once you've set up your templates, you can effortlessly import them into your client profiles and make specific adjustments as needed. This process saves you valuable time in meal planning, ensuring your clients get the best nutritional guidance.

- Customization:
Tailor each meal to suit your client's needs.
- Time-saving: Pre-made templates speed up the meal planning process.

HubFit Meal Plan Templates

Multiple Meal Options

Variety is the spice of life, and HubFit recognizes this. For every meal, you can provide up to four different options. This flexibility makes it easier to design meal plans that your clients will stick to, as they have choices that match their preferences and dietary requirements.

- Client Satisfaction:
Offering multiple choices ensures client compliance and satisfaction.

HubFit Multiple Meal Options

Food Database

HubFit maintains a comprehensive library of foods that dynamically appears as you type in the food you're searching for. You can easily select the desired items from the database and make further customizations as needed. This feature improves the process of building nutrition plans and ensures accuracy.

- Efficiency:
Access a vast database of foods with real-time suggestions.

HubFit Food Database

Macros Goal

HubFit takes personalized nutrition to the next level with its macros goal feature. Whether it's a training day or a rest day, you can set distinct macro goals tailored to each.

- Flexibility:
Set different macro goals for training days and non-training days to match your client's energy needs.
- Precision: Fine-tune nutrition plans with specific macro targets, optimizing performance and recovery.

Macros Plan by Meal

With HubFit, planning meals around specific macro goals is a breeze. The Macros Plan by Meal feature lets you assign macro targets to individual meals within a plan. Name your meals as you like and set unique macro goals for each, ensuring every meal contributes perfectly to the overall nutrition strategy.

- Control:
Assign macro goals to each meal for precise nutritional balance.
- Variety: Create an unlimited number of meals

Macros Plan by Meal

Cronometer Integration

Clients have the convenience of utilizing Cronometer for tracking their dietary intake, which includes a feature for scanning food items. This tool can be integrated with HubFit, enabling seamless access to their complete food diary. The synchronization occurs in real time, ensuring that the most current data is always available.

- Nutrition Tracking
- Real-Time Synchronization
- Full Diary Visibility

Meal AI Integration

HubFit has one of the most advanced nutrition AI integrations available. You can simply provide a meal description, and the AI will generate a the meal for you, including macros, servings, and descriptions. The AI works its magic in less than 10 seconds, freeing up your time for other crucial tasks. Think of it as an autocomplete feature, but with the added advantage of full control over the generated content.

- Productivity:
Instantly generate detailed meal plans with minimal effort.

Client Experience

Your clients deserve the best experience, and HubFit delivers. Clients can access their meal plans through the app, where the user interface is designed for ease of use and aesthetics. Additionally, offline access ensures that clients can refer to their plans even without an internet connection, enhancing convenience.

- Client Satisfaction:
An appealing app with offline access enhances the overall client experience.
- Instant update: Any changes you make is instantly updated for your clients

HubFit Client Experience


A good nutrition system is vital not only for the success of your clients but also for your effectiveness as an online coach or personal trainer. HubFit offers a comprehensive solution that improves the nutrition planning process, saving you time and providing your clients with tailored meal plans they'll love. Elevate your coaching game with HubFit and unlock the full potential of your clients' nutrition plans.

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