The Best Client Onboarding Automation for Online Coaches and Personal Trainers

The Best Client Onboarding Automation for Online Coaches and Personal Trainers

The Best Client Onboarding Automation for Online Coaches and Personal Trainers

Feb 6, 2024

hubfit onboarding automation


If you are an online coach or personal trainer than you know onboarding client can be very time consuming. HubFit simplifies this process with an efficient, built-in onboarding flow, allowing you to automate these tasks in less than a minute. While HubFit has an impressive Zapier integration for further automation, this blog will focus on the onboarding flows that make setting up new clients a breeze.

Creating Onboarding Flows

Onboarding flows in HubFit allow you to bundle resources and actions together, from workout and meal templates to check-ins, and even add clients to communities. Imagine creating a tailored onboarding flow for each specific program you offer, automating the addition of all necessary resources, forms, and programs while performing actions seamlessly.

  • Efficiency: Set up a flow once and use it indefinitely.

  • Flexibility: Easily edit and modify flows as needed.

  • Integration: Fully integrated into the HubFit platform for seamless operation.

hubfit - Creating Onboarding Flows

Creating Client & Using Onboarding Flows

When manually adding a new client, HubFit allows you to select from your pre-defined onboarding flows. This selection triggers the flow instantly upon client addition, streamlining the setup process and ensuring your clients receive a personalized welcome without delay.

  • Choose any predefined flow.

  • Trigger the onboarding process instantly upon adding a new client.

hubfit - Creating Client & Using Onboarding Flows

Leveraging Flows with Packages

HubFit's onboarding flows can be directly linked to packages, offering an automated setup for clients who purchase a package from your pricing page. This feature not only automates the onboarding process but also allows for immediate distribution of client login details post-purchase, encapsulating a 100% automated onboarding experience built directly into HubFit.

  • Trigger upon purchase

  • Send client login details for full automation

hubfit - Leveraging Flows with Packages

Zapier Integration

HubFit's robust Zapier integration sets it apart, offering more actions and triggers than any other coaching platform. This integration includes an action to execute an onboarding flow for a client, enabling further automation possibilities, such as creating a client profile from a Google Form and initiating the onboarding process automatically.

  • Utilize Zapier for additional automation needs.

  • Seamlessly integrate with other apps and services for a comprehensive automation strategy.

hubfit - Zapier Integration


HubFit outshines other platforms with its superior automation capabilities, both through its internal tools and extensive Zapier integration. Whether you're focusing on the internal automation provided by HubFit's onboarding flows or leveraging the power of Zapier for broader automation strategies, HubFit offers an unparalleled solution for simplifying and enhancing the client onboarding experience.

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