Is Everfit a Good Platform for Online Coaches

Is Everfit a Good Platform for Online Coaches

Is Everfit a Good Platform for Online Coaches

Feb 13, 2024

Is Everfit a Good Platform for Online Coaches


As an online coach or personal trainer, the backbone of your business is the platform you choose to manage it. Everfit often surfaces as a potential candidate, but the question remains: is it the right fit for you? At first glance, the answer might seem like a resounding yes, but a deeper dive reveals that Everfit's primary design caters more to gyms and studios rather than individual online coaches. This blog will explore why Everfit might not meet the unique needs of online coaches and introduce a more suitable alternative, HubFit, that could be the game-changer you're looking for

Not Built for Online Coaches

Everfit's roots are deeply embedded in serving gyms and studios, which becomes apparent when considering the platform's features—or lack thereof—that are essential for online coaches. A significant sticking point is the pricing model, which is tailored for larger establishments rather than solo entrepreneurs. For an online coach, investing in a platform designed with a different audience in mind might not be the most cost-effective decision.

No Check-In System

One of the fundamental aspects of online coaching is client check-ins. However, Everfit's approach to this is generic, offering little beyond what you might achieve with basic tools like Google Forms. This lack of advanced check-in features represents a missed opportunity for enhancing client engagement and streamlining communication.

everfit check-in sustem

Teams Feature

Everfit does offer a teams feature, but again, it's clear that the design thought process was geared towards physical establishments. The limitation of associating a client with only one coach and the inability to view a comprehensive activity history of team members are significant drawbacks for online coaches who thrive on collaboration and detailed progress tracking.

everfit teams feature

Nutrition Plan Limitations

As an online coach, nutrition plays an important role. However, Everfit's capabilities in this area are limited to setting macro goals, with no support for detailed meal planning. This constraint might not be a deal-breaker for gym-based programs but can be a significant limitation for online coaches who offer holistic health solutions.

everfit nutrition

A Better Alternative: HubFit

If the constraints of Everfit are holding you back, HubFit might be what you are looking for. Designed with the needs of online coaches in mind, HubFit offers a suite of features that address the shortcomings of Everfit:

  • Efficient Form Management: HubFit allows you to create forms once and reuse them effortlessly, streamlining the check-in process.

  • Multiple Coach Assignments: Unlike Everfit, HubFit enables clients to be paired with multiple coaches, such as a nutritionist and a fitness coach, providing a comprehensive coaching experience.

  • Activity Timeline: HubFit offers a detailed timeline feature that tracks and displays the activities of coaches, ensuring transparency and progress tracking.



While Everfit might seem like a viable option for your online coaching business, it's essential to consider platforms that are specifically designed to meet your unique needs. HubFit stands out as a superior alternative, offering a range of features tailored to the online coaching experience. Before making your decision, weigh the pros and cons and choose a platform that will truly support the growth and success of your online coaching business.

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