The Ultimate Guide to Conducting Client Check-Ins as an Online Coach

The Ultimate Guide to Conducting Client Check-Ins as an Online Coach

The Ultimate Guide to Conducting Client Check-Ins as an Online Coach

Aug 5, 2023


Online coaching is all about connection, communication, and accountability. The client check-in process is essential for keeping clients engaged, supporting them towards their goals, and fostering a relationship of trust. A staggering 75% of clients report better engagement with consistent check-ins. Explore this comprehensive guide to setting up and conducting client check-ins, elevating your online coaching experience.

Why Client Check-Ins Are Important

One of the fundamental pillars of online personal training is accountability and support. Regular check-ins provide valuable feedback and keep clients on track towards their training and nutrition goals. Explain this importance to your clients and establish it as a crucial part of the coaching process.

Set up a Schedule for Your Check-Ins

"Consistency is key to success," says industry expert Jane Doe. Whether it's daily or weekly check-ins, setting a consistent schedule helps clients prepare and ensures smoother communication. Tools like Calendly can facilitate scheduling, or consider HubFit for an integrated coaching solution.

checkins schedule

Reminder Systems: A Key to Compliance

Reminders are more than convenience; they're a strategy for success. Letting your client pick their check-in day, automating notifications with Twilio, and organizing reminders with Evernote can increase adherence by 20%. Explore HubFit’s built-in reminder system for an even more streamlined experience.

Utilize Templates & Community for Check-Ins

Templates provide expectations and simplify the check-in process. Utilize templates through platforms like Microsoft Forms or engage your coaching community with micro-commitments for shared accountability. Specialized software like takes it a step further, offering robust check-in support and a community feature.

Follow Up with Personalized Feedback

Personalized feedback brings coaching to life. Use voice notes through WhatsApp, create visual explanations with Loom, or integrate feedback within check-ins for a cohesive experience. It’s not just about correction; it's about encouragement and recognizing progress.

checkin feedback

Hold Follow-Up Meetings

Capture the non-verbal communication that forms over 60% of interaction. Utilize video calls through Zoom for in-depth discussions, reflections on progress, and to reveal insights that might otherwise be missed.

checkin meetings


Conducting client check-ins is a multifaceted process that blends scheduling, reminders, feedback, and personalized interaction. While various tools assist in these aspects, HubFit's check-in system provides an all-in-one solution. Embrace HubFit's innovative approach today, and elevate your online coaching, crafting transformative experiences for your clients.

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