Does Trainerize Have a Check-In System?

Does Trainerize Have a Check-In System?

Does Trainerize Have a Check-In System?

Dec 29, 2023

Does Trainerize Have a Check-In System?


If you're an online coach or personal trainer, you know how crucial regular client check-ins are. They're key to tracking progress, maintaining engagement, and ensuring client satisfaction. But what about Trainerize? Does it support a check-in system? We're diving deep into this topic to explore your options and offer solutions.

Trainerize: Missing a Check-In System?

Currently, Trainerize does not offer a check-in system. Despite a request for this feature on their forum over five years ago (Trainerize Forum Request), there has been no implementation. This lack is significant for those aiming to improve client engagement and retention, making Trainerize less than ideal in this regard.

Alternatives with Check-In Support: HubFit

If you're looking for a platform that supports check-ins, consider HubFit. This complete coaching platform includes features like in-app notifications for clients, check-in comparisons, and customizable check-in templates. Learn more about HubFit's check-in system here.

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Using Google Forms with Trainerize: A Viable Option?

While you can use Google Forms in conjunction with Trainerize, it's not without drawbacks. Clients are required to visit a link for every check-in, and from the coach's perspective, managing responses and tracking which check-ins have been reviewed becomes cumbersome. Additionally, the basic and text-heavy nature of Google Forms may lead to lower client completion rates.

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The Importance of Conducting Weekly Check-Ins

Weekly check-ins provide tremendous benefits for both coaches and clients. They help in monitoring progress, adjusting plans, and keeping motivation high. According to a recent study, 75% of clients report better engagement with consistent check-ins, leading to enhanced performance and satisfaction. This not only improves client satisfaction but also enhances your reputation as a coach.

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While Trainerize offers a range of features, its lack of a built-in check-in system is a notable shortfall. Platforms like HubFit, which have a check-in system designed from the ground up, provide a more comprehensive solution for enhancing client engagement and retention.

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